Color Guard / Band Camp Reminders


Reminders for the rest of this week and for next week!

  1. Please remember newbies have a practice from 1-4pm after our camp tomorrow (7/30), if you are a newbie, please remember to bring a lunch!
  2. Friday: Bring a white t-shirt to tie dye!
  3. Spirit Wear Schedule for band camp (have fun with it, but please be able to spin in your clothes):
    1. Monday – Neon
    2. Tuesday – Section Themes (our tie dye shirts)
    3. Wednesday – Dress like Mr. Bogue (or I guess you guys are doing Angela??) 😉
    4. Thursday – Clash
    5. Friday – Class Colors (F-White, So-Grey, J-Black, Se-Blue)

Marching Show 2015 Files

Click the link below and you can access everything you need for the halftime show!  It has the audio files, the drill charts, and the videos of the drill!  You will be provided a copy of the drill, but if you lose it you will need to print another.

Marching Show 2015

Info for Color Guard Season!

Less than a week away from starting color guard!  i have sent home information for the season which you can also see by clicking below.  Please be sure to bring the last page signed for the first day of color guard camp!

There has already been a change to the calendar.  August 18th’s practice has been cancelled and I have added a practice August 11 from 4pm-7pm.  Click below for the updated calendar.  I am working on getting a calendar on the website for your reference as well.

As a reminder, we start at 8am on July 29!  See you then!

Willowbrook High School Band Camp Info 2015

CALENDAR as of July 23

4th of July Parade Annoucements


Practice for the parade tomorrow is from 12pm-1:30pm.

For Saturday: Please arrive at Willowbrook at 10:30am.  Come wearing your polo, blue jean shorts (please be appropriate) and gym shoes (preferably white ankle socks).  Pull your hair out of your face.  Don’t forget to bring/wear sunscreen, it’s supposed to be sunny.  The parade starts at noon and I am not sure where we are in it.  We anticipate being done around 1:30pm.

See you tomorrow!