Willowbrook Color Guard 2016-2017

Congrats to the Willowbrook Color Guard for 2016-2017!


Alex G.

Laura R.


April A.

Heather G.

Amanda M.

Michaela P.

Kala T.

Dominique V.
Thanks for trying out!  Keep checking back for more updates as they come!


Information on Band Camp and 4th of July Parade

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post the info for band camp for 2016-2017 and 4th of July!

Camp Info

Color Guard Camp Dates: July 27-29 (in the morning most likely)

Section Leader Camp: July 27 (afternoon)

Newbie Camp: July 28 (afternoon)

Full Band Camp: August 1-5

4th of July Parade Info

Practices: June 29 and July 1 (11am-2pm – different than band)

Parade: July 4th (noon step off – call time TBD)