Northwestern Band Day (9/2) Itinerary

7:30am arrive at Willowbrook High School

10:15 separate band/guard rehearsal

11:15 full band/guard rehearsal

11:25 final run through

11:45 Lunch

1:30 NU marching band concert in Wildcat Alley

2 all high school bands seated in stadium

2:30 Kick off

3:30ish Halftime

5-6pm estimated time of arrival to WBHS


Senior Night


Friday, 8/25 is senior night. Please gather in the southwest end zone (the side of the concession stand) at 6:30 to walk your child across the field as their name is being called. Your child will meet you there. The seniors will be called in alphabetical order and by event- football, cheer, dance, band, guard.

Recap of last night’s parent meeting

1) Communication from me to parents will happen through posts on our website (not through Facebook). So please make sure you subscribe to this page because that will send an email of everything I post to the address you set. This eliminates having to constantly check the website.

2) Absences/being tardy should be communicated from the parent directly to myself. This can either be through email, text message, in person. Absences are to be communicated as soon as possible. Excessive absences may affect a member’s ability to perform, purely based on safety.

3) This website also has our updated schedule through the end of the fall season. Please check now if there will be any conflicts with scheduling (especially for performances).

4) Appropriate clothing is to be worn at practices. This means any athletic type clothing. Jeans/jean shorts are NOT allowed at practice.

5) We discussed parent volunteer opportunities. Opportunities discussed, but are not limited to fundraising (to lower costs of anything that’s paid for out of pocket), hosting team bonding events, providing snacks before performances etc. If you are interested in volunteering for the team, please come talk to me and we can work together to make it happen.

6) I will be giving each member a folder that has all important information on it for the season. Such as: our expectations, what should be brought to every practice, what is needed for the uniform, a typed schedule of important dates etc. This will be passed out and thoroughly gone through at practice on 8/17.

The team did great during guard and band camp the last few weeks! We are off to a strong start and I am looking forward to the rest of the season! Thank you so much for your support.