Competition on 3/25 and Finals


Just wanted to take a second to clear some things up.

Due to extenuating circumstances, we no longer qualify to compete in the competition on March 25th. We will not have the required 5 members for competition. Unfortunately, it is too late to change our registration for another date.

Per the rules and guidelines for MWCGC, we need to compete in 4 regular season competitions in order to qualify for participation in finals. Because we are not able to compete on March 25, we will only have competed in 3 regular season competitions. This makes us ineligible to compete in finals on April 7th.

We will compete in our other competitions as scheduled. The calendar reflects these changes.

If you have any further questions on this, please contact Thomas Cantlin.


I would just like to take a minute to introduce Mrs. MacKensye Guza. She is currently a special education teacher at WBHS. We will be working together this winter season as a transition for next school year. MacKensye has guard and dance experience and is excited to start working with the team this year. She will assist with communication and contact with students throughout the day, as she is in the building daily. She is looking forward to continue growing the program and continue the traditions that have started over a decade ago. We are both excited to work together this season. Once the season begins, contact information will be provided.


-Mandi Petges

Play off game

Willowbrook has been chosen as the hosting school for this weekend’s first play off game!

Saturday, October 28:

Call time is 3pm. Please arrive at WB in full uniform (hair and makeup already finished). We will warm up for a few minutes and head to the stadium with the band like normal. The game begins at 4pm. They will perform halftime with the band (no marching, just standing in place).


Any questions, please let me know!

Go Warriors!


Collage Concert

The Marching Band will not be participating in the Collage Concert this year, so that means the guard is not either. This event was originally on the calendar, but I have since then deleted it. Practice will still be held that day as usual.