Color Guard Pictures

Hello ladies,

Color Guard pictures are Friday during 8th period with the marching band.  I have put uniform tops in the guard/tuba room.  Pants are also there if you returned them. This is a great opportunity to return your pants and leotard if you haven’t. Please leave them in the room after pictures are over.  You do not have to wear leotards for the pictures. Hair can be however you like.

Next week I will be going through all uniform parts and if you haven’t returned your pants or leotard you could possibly be charged for it so please bring them in.

Numbers for the parts are as follows: (top/leotard/pants)

Dominique – 5/unknown/4

Alyssa – 9/10/8

Kala – 10/7/9

Didi – 7/6/14

Katie – 11/13/1

Cesia – 8/4/4

Amanda – 1/2/10 and 13?

Alex – 6/5/5

Laura – 4/15/12

Micheala – 3/3/7