Practice 9/28

Practice is cancelled for 9/28.

Practice for tomorrow (9/24) is being held as scheduled.




Google Classroom

We have some exciting technological advancements that I want to take a minute to explain.


I have created a Google Classroom for guard. The sole purpose of this is a way for the girls to submit progress assignment videos. I will post an “assignment” and a girl will be able to upload a video of herself doing the routine. This is to ensure that the girls are practicing at home. Scheduled practices are meant to be a time for me to teach routines and skills. Additional practice is required of every girl to make sure we are ready for performances. In previous experience, this system works very well to make sure every girl is fully prepared.


There will be NO formal communications being transferred on the classroom site. I will continue to make announcements (to parents and team members) SOLELY on this website.

Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming Parade has been added to the calendar. It is 9/28 at 4:30. Call time remains after school, just wanted to let parents know in case you want to come watch! The parade is beginning at the Gazebo in Villa Park on Ardmore. They will head south on Ardmore until the school.